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Who We Are

What's Provider House, you say?  In a nutshell, Provider House, Inc. is a resourceful information management Power-House, which focus on the needs of start-up providers in the Georgia area.  We also help established behavioral health providers organize, manage and improve their practice and professional image. . . "all on a shoestring budget."



Provider House, Inc. is committed to helping behavioral health licensed professionals achieve credentialing, compliance and business management preparedness by providing them the knowledge, guidance and tools on transforming from a licensed professional to network provider.



Providers Are Our Main Clients℠



Strive to make the network provider process easier.

We have been developing and assisting the information management services for providers from the child care to medical industries since June 2000 and have streamlined our services to the mental/behavioral health field for now. We are delivering uniqueness in our business by offering customized products and services and hands-on skillfulness and achievement with our clients. We are satisfying our clients by listening, committing, and equipping prospective providers like yourself with what they need now and in the future.

Before you begin your search for a credentialing and compliance agency, please contact us.  We know we will be able to give you a great quote on your project!


We only offer credentialing services for licensed mental health professionals in the State of Georgia at this time.



Who We Work With:

  • Psychiatrists / Addictionologists

  • Physician Assistants (PAs)

  • Nurse Practitioners (PMHNP, FNP, APRN)

  • Licensed Clinical Social Workers (LCSWs)

  • Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists (LMFTs)

  • Licensed Professional Counselors (LPCs)

  • Licensed Clinical Psychologists

  • Other Mental Health and Substance Abuse Professionals

  • Professional Group Practices

  • More Coming Soon!

Who We Are

What We Do

Credentialing & Enrollment Services, We Help With:

  • NPI Registration (Type I and Type II)

  • CAQH Registration

  • Commercial Insurance Provider Enrollment and Credentialing
    (i.e.  Tricare, Humana, BCBS, Aetna, Cigna, United Healthcare, Oscar, CMOs, Marketplace)

  • Medicare and Medicaid Provider Credentialing and Enrollment

  • Medicare and Medicaid Revalidation


Compliance Services,
We Develop:

  • Create your policies and procedure manual!

  • Develop your human resources manuals!

  • Provide you with audit checklists for preparedness!

  • Assist in applying for behavioral health accreditation with CARF and The Joint Commission (TJC)!

  • Assist is selecting an electronic medical records (EMR) system for your practice!

  • Complete the CLIA waiver application for certification!

Why Use Provider House?

  • Dedicated project manager assigned to your project!

  • Affordable prices and products that fits your budget!

  • Provide eBooks for the DIY professional!

  • Eliminate the headaches due to the mounds of paperwork and endless applications!

  • Handle the phone calls, follow-ups, and submit all applications, e-mails and faxes for you!

  • Regular updates on your project status!

  • We have streamlined our market to the Georgia area for better quicker preparedness and personal feel!


If you are not comfortable taking on these services by yourself, Hire Us!


Credentialing and Compliance are great business investments in growing your practice.  Your return on investment (ROI) will start soon once you are on insurance panels.


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What We Do


Years of Experience


Happy Providers


Insurance Panels & EAPs

Happy Providers


Insurance credentialing is becoming more commonplace as access to healthcare grows and different coverage options become available. Credentialing is saving patients money and making sure that your practice is available to those who need it most.


The application is the most tedious part of the credentialing process. Since credentialing can be a hassle and takes lots of time, many practices are rewarded with many new clients by using insurance. If you need help with the credentialing/paneling process, contact us.


Group Practice

One of the biggest benefits to being credentialed as a group is that if one of the groups providers leaves the practice/group, the credentialed enrollment does not go with them.


Individual Counseling

Practitioners looking to get credentialed individually opens their ability to move between practices with relative ease.  When you are credentialed individually, insurances will accept you regardless of what practice you are with.


Telemental Health

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the adoption of telehealth services worldwide.  

Please note that the availability of telehealth services may vary depending on the healthcare provider and the state or country where you reside.



“I can't believe how much I've learned about becoming a network provider.  Provider House has helped me move my career to the next level by understanding the business aspect better.”

Aja, LPC

“I've always wanted to become a network provider and Provider House helped me jump into doing the work for myself.  Their eBooks on the subject matter were user-friendly and informative.”

Willie, LCSW

“It's like you read my mind with your eBook series.  The eBooks were easy to follow, professional staff and nothing but great results from using them.  Because of Provider House, I am on four panels and counting.  Thanks!.”

Laura, APRN

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